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Wondertech is a natural language processing startup founded in 2015 by three serial entrepreneurs in the technology space. Our key project to date is www.techsg.io, a database mapping the technopreneurship sector in Singapore jointly commissioned by IBM and NUS Enterprise. The data is automatically extracted from openly available news sources on the web.

Wondertech is currently exploring the concept of hyperlinking entities (people, places, objects, concepts) that appear within an online content article. The hyperlink will lead to relevant articles about that entity published by the same publisher.

The American Press Institute’s research on online publishers reveals that an average of 88% of web traffic to online articles is through Facebook. This traffic bypasses the homepage of the site and goes straight to the article page. Wondertech aim to help online publishers increase the average user session duration, and number of impressions per unique user.

For more info, visit: www.wondertech.io