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Optimate is a revolutionary intelligent marketing platform. It helps connecting intelligence, unify, optimize, measure and execute an entire marketing strategy with a simple click of a button. With its niche in artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms, Optimate brings unique value to retail, hospitality and any organization going through digital transformations.

Optimate is backed by institutional research, carefully crafted for any businesses using social and digital channels to boost targeting, engagement and conversion. It is designed in the way that brand owners and advertisers can easily create, monitor and optimize their own campaigns online and distribute instantly with the help of social media and mobile applications to boost targeting, engagement and conversions. The performance of each campaign is reflected in real time.

It aims to raise the awareness of brands on multiple platforms at machine tuned precision with single click of a button; engage with customers with perfectly refined messages, carefully selected platforms handpicked by the Artificial Intelligence at 24x7. The platform is 10x more effective than the conventional methods, thus benefitting from the connected intelligence and easy to implement actions through Optimate.

For more info, visit: http://optimate.co/

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