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Makerscut is a crowdfunding and enabling platform that helps designers to materialize their designs. In short, Makerscut is a Kickstarter for handcrafted products. Makerscut main differentiation is that upon successfully reaching the campaign goal, the platform will take on the actual production and eventually delivery. By handling the sales and funding, material sourcing, production, quality control and logistics, Makerscut makes it easy for designers to launch their own products and brands by taking out the risks and costs involved in the product creation process.

Makerscut vision is to give back to these craftsmen, not in just monetary terms but also on a more holistic level: To teach them new skills, new technologies and expose the craftsmen to new trends and possibilities. Through their crowdfunding model, Makerscut enables individuals to launch their own products and brands. They focus on enabling handcrafted items with a focus on quality craftsmanship utilizing premium materials that will result in products of high artisanal values. The co-founders of Makerscut came together when they first started a mobile loyalty platform, Squiryl back in 2010.

For more info, visit: www.makerscut.com