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Dynamic Pricing System
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GOtixs is an online events platform which comprises an opaque dynamic pricing system, allowing consumers to name their price for their desired events. If the bidding price falls within an acceptable range generated by the system, the consumer will be notified on the confirmed sale of the ticket. The unique proposition of GOtixs is the creation of a lifeline for event owners to liquidate any unsold tickets by bringing in additional buyers for lower priced tickets.

Led by a 4 guys’ team who are experience seekers with deep industry knowledge of the event space, they are passionate about bringing innovative events, both regional and overseas, to Singapore. They worked on the mandate of embracing the fast paced, innovative engagements where they thrive on the rush to deliver another “instagram worthy moment”. GOtixs brings a variety of both local and international event experiences to Singaporeans with great savings on every ticket. Some of the events includes BeerFest Asia and It’s the Ship.

Mr. Kendrick Wong, co-founder of GOtixs said: “The team is thrilled at chance to learn from all partners involved in the SPH Plug and Play Program to make GOtixs the preferred platform for experience seekers to discover and purchase events.”

For more info, visit: www.gotixs.com