SPH Plug & Play | Accelerator Program

"The team is thrilled at the chance to learn from all partners involved in the SPH Plug and Play Program."
—Kendrick Wong, Cofounder of GOtixs


Unified Marketing Platform
Optimate is designed in the way that brand owners and advertisers can easily create, monitor and optimize their own campaigns online and distribute instantly with the help of social media and mobile apps to boost targeting, engagement and conversion. The performance of each campaign is reflected in real time. *Recently rebranded to Optimate (Previously known as Ad+ Platform).
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Mobile Application for Drivers
Fixir is an intuitive mobile application that allows drivers to submit their car problem via a description or photo and receive quotations from nearby trusted workshops, enabling drivers to make a more informed decision for quality service and top-notch efficiency in the automotive aftersales industry.
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Dynamic Pricing System
GOtixs is an opaque dynamic pricing system which allows consumers to name their price for their desired events. The bidding price falls within an acceptable range generated by the system. The system creates a lifeline for event owners to liquidate any unsold tickets by bringing in additional profit.
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Crowdfunding Platform
Makerscut is a crowdfunding platform that helps product designers brings their designs to the market. Makerscut platform does not end at fundraising; it does production and logistics which eliminates barriers for designers to create their own products.
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Health and Wellness Portal
Soulscape is a digital portal that connects health & wellness businesses with like-minded consumers. *Recently rebranded to Soulscape (Previously known as In the loop).
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Re-commerce Marketplace
Refash is an innovative fashion re-commerce marketplace that makes it convenient for consumers to clean out their closets and shop for quality secondhand clothes. It provides sellers with a service platform that recognize meaningful compensation for unwanted apparel.
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Facility Management Application
Reserv allows facility managers to manage their facilities free of charge and allow residents to conduct easy online bookings and interaction with the condo manager. Residents will benefit from real time schedules and location awareness of the service providers.
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Data Aggregation Platform
Wondertech turns news into data. Their proprietary platform, Athena, allows any developer to create an information extraction application without any machine learning, data science or natural language processing expertise.
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Bridging the content gap
Bolt helps businesses connect with their customers by enabling them to create high-quality content marketing. We match businesses to the best content creators and provide them with tools to effectively manage their content strategy.
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Perfect vision for business success
Circus has developed a social intelligence product called 20/Twenty that scans, analyses and visualises this data in an easy to understand manner. Brands and Marketers are able to use this augmented and visualised data for insights generation, crisis prevention, better decision-making and so much more.
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Personal Shoppable Magazine
Fashory is the transparent app that removes the daily hassle of thinking about what to wear for contemporary women, by providing them with the perfect outfit for every occasion in their lives. Fashory gets women the look they like, helping them to dress well and feel great in every aspect of life.
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Nurturing the imagination and creativity inherent in each child
Imagin8ors is an adaptive, individualised learning platform that empowers children to learn deeper by nurturing their imagination and creativity. We start with 3-8 year olds, and extend and amplify the content knowledge built in schools. We enable the parent to play the role of a coach and co-player, and enhance parent-child bonding around the child’s learning.
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Plus Margin

Predictive analytics for e-commerce
PlusMargin is a predictive marketing platform that helps e-commerce merchants increase their conversions and average order value. We analyse a shopper’s digital body language and predict their purchase intent using advanced machine learning techniques and statistical models to show personalised offers and messages.
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The tutor in your pocket
Snapask is the tutor in your pocket. Our mobile app provides on-demand academic support for high school students. Stuck on homework? Snap a photo of the question, post it on Snapask, and learn instantly with our network of vetted online tutors.
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Empowering tutors, engaging students
The tuition industry in Singapore is ripe for disruption. Currently, parents have to make a trade-off between quality and convenience when finding a tutor or tuition centre for their children. Home-based tutors are convenient but unaccredited, while centre-based tuition require travelling time and lack personalised attention. Tutate wants to solve this by providing a home-based tutoring programme that affords parents the quality and convenience they desire.
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Yellow Elevator

Transform your workforce into social recruiters
Yellow Elevator is an Employee Referral System that aims to modernise the conventional way of running employee referral programs.
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