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SOULSCAPE: Nurturing Your Soul to Better Health & Wellbeing

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Ever wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle but did not know where you could find the best fitness studio close to your office, or what vitamins are good for you? After flipping through countless fashion magazines, newspapers, and lifestyle websites, you discover that the information is sporadic and inconsistent.

Besides the fragmented sources of information, there was also the absence of a single platform for companies in the health and wellness industry to reach the community.

Thus INTHELOOP was created. Co-founded by fitness enthusiast Marc Dass and yoga teacher Theresa Shan, the online portal provides the health and wellness community with targeted content on services, solutions, and products that enhances the health and wellness lifestyle.

Says Marc of INTHELOOP’s mission: 

“?T?o build a regional network and community of wellness seekers and businesses on a single platform and to foster the growth of mindful communities”

The success of INTHELOOP platform is supported by SOULSCAPE Mindful Movement event. Started in 2014, it is one day of yoga, music and dance workshops; the 2015 event attracted 1,300 people.

As INTHELOOP grew in readership and reach, Marc realised that a single brand covering both the online and offline entities would provide a stronger brand identity. Thus, INTHELOOP has been rebranded to SOULSCAPE portal. The portal continues to connect Mindful, Motivated, and Savvy individuals who lead the health and wellness lifestyle, and the event cements this movement that was started by the portal.


The SOULSCAPE community has grown with the portal, because the SOULSCAPE team walk the talk—Marc and his team live the health and wellness lifestyle. Yoga, meditation, dance, and other activities are some of the activities that form the team’s weekly fitness routines. Marc himself is a practitioner of yoga and functional training.

Besides continuously expanding his mind and body with different fitness and mental regimes, Marc also grows the business and its success by utilising his time in a mindful and productive way.

As the writer on this piece, I looked into the trend of health and wellness, I realised that as countries become more developed, people’s lifestyle in their countries changes too. I remember coming across the Environmental Kuznets Curve in class and found it really similar to this scenario. I adapted the Environmental Kuznets curve to explains this trend. It states that as peoples per capital income increases they focus on gaining income over their health up to a point where their per capital income is high enough that they reach a turning point, pivot and start to be concern about their health again.

Thus this has lead to the trend in the last few years where the people are starting to be concern about their health and wellness. Hence as the country becomes more developed they would be more willing to spend more on staying healthy.

Looking to join the health and wellness movement, and get connected with other active individuals who live the lifestyle? There is only one destination to be at—SOULSCAPE portal.

For more information about Soulscape, please click here.

SOULSCAPE: Nurturing Your Soul to Better Health & Wellbeing

By Edrick Koh

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