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Snapask: A Blast from the Past

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It is always exciting when I see a startup grow. It feels like they are achieving the American dream. This is even more so when you are looking at a startup that was aided along by the company I'm working for, SPH Plug and Play. Reminiscing about SPH Plug and Play’s Batch 1 startups, we look back at one of the top performers of the pioneer batch, Snapask. 

Snapask is the private tutor at your service. It is a mobile application where students can get instant help with their homework simply by snapping a photo of their question. We all know where they got their inspiration for their name from. *cough* Snapchat *cough*. 

Snapask was established in January 2015, founded in Hong Kong by Timothy Yu, Bradley Chiang and Phoebe Hung. Their aim was to provide personalised learning experiences to every student, regardless of background or status. Having grown up experiencing cram school culture first­hand, the founders started offering small class learning experiences through a small scale tutoring center in Hong Kong. In order to make these experiences more accessible, they later decided to shift their efforts to a mobile platform.

I caught up with Jeremy, one of Snapasks first employee to talk about the past year since they graduated from SPH Plug and Play Accelerator Batch 1 program. They are focused on growing their user base and also have been awarded the Best Team in Asia by the French Chamber of Commerce ICT Competition in May 2016. This was selected by a judging panel consisting of senior executives from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Singtel and Starhub! They have also been implementing their monetisation plans.

Looking back at their time in SPH Plug and Play, Jeremy has fond memories of their mentor Chim Kang, who he recalls as being really patient and nurturing. Helping Snapask organise a focus group of parents to help us better determine their product market fit. Being a SPH Plug and Play portfolio company also allowed Snapask to have a great network of business partners to develop their business in Singapore as well as the vast range of business units under the SPH umbrella allowed them to enter the market quickly, gaining a sizable market share here in Singapore. As pioneers of the SPH Plug and Play program, Snapask are still bragging about their participation of this programme. Jeremy says the having an association with the largest media company, SPH, in Singapore definitely opens doors for us. 

Besides only helping out with the business, SPH Plug and Play also allowed them to be a part of a strong community of entrepreneurs and Jeremy feels that being part of the community gives him a warm feeling of having a class reunion whenever they see each other.

"The road to entrepreneurship is a tough one, knowing that there's someone else out there watching your back (SPHPnP) and someone else going through the same journey (other startups) was most encouraging." - Jeremy

Snapask: A Blast From the Past 

By Edrick Koh

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