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Plug and Play’s Presence in Singapore

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SPH Plug and Play is a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings, One of the largest media companies in Singapore, Infocomm Investments, an investment arm of the Singapore government and Plug and Play, a Venture Capitalist (VC) and accelerator from Silicon Valley. In a short span of time, SPH Plug and Play became one of the top 5 leading accelerators in Singapore. This is a feat considering that SPH Plug and Play was only incorporated March 2015. All three corporations played a huge role in establishing SPH Plug and Play to where it is today. However, as a Singapore citizen, I’ve heard about SPH and Inofcomm Investments but never Plug and Play. So what is Plug and Play? How had they helped grow an organisation so quickly and so successfully?

Plug and Play is the largest global accelerator, creating an innovation platform to connect start-ups to corporations. Yearly they invest in over 100 companies and is spread over 22 locations across the world. In 2014, they were the most active VCs in Silicon Valley. It is undeniable that it is due to their presence in the SPH Plug and Play joint venture that ensured that the accelerator was accelerated and became the top 5 accelerators in Singapore in a short span of time.

As an accelerator, they help pre-seed and/or seed stage companies by offering them mentorship, financing, meetings with investors and even educating them on how to pitch to investors. This is done over a short period of 3 months. By partnering with companies with specific verticals, Plug and Play also provides startups with industry specific experience. This allows the startups to be exposed to mentors of their industry who have many more years of experience than they have, providing them with unique insights and pitfalls that startups might not have notice before.