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A SPH Plug & Play Event: Demo Day Batch 2

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Looking back at our Batch 2 Demo Day was an intense exciting experience for not only the founders of the startups under the SPH Plug and Play umbrella but also for members of the SPH Plug and Play team themselves. Months of planning, countless of rehearsals was put into place to create and ensure the best possible Batch 2 Demo Day.

0900: Tensions were high as Carinna, the lead organiser for Demo Day started briefing her team for the event itself. The team proceeded to their respective stations. The photographer setup his equipment for the event as well as arranged the furniture. The registration team collected the gift bags and arranged all the items to be collated, setting up the signage to provide directions for the guest and investors of the event. The AV guy was in his AV booth, making sure the volume, lighting and projector was working fine.

1100: The Startup Founders arrived. Rehearsing their pitches for Demo Day to try and gain a feel for the actual event itself. Last minute changes to the pitch decks were made, the video that needed to be played on that day needed to be reedited. As well as problems with the teleprompter preventing the startup founders from changing their slides on stage. As the problems were solved one by one, things started falling in place. It was soon time for the networking session and the organising team arranged lunch for both the founders and the organising team to relax.

Sandeep, Founder of Reserv, talking to Guest during the networking session.

1430: As murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This was the case when the rain started pouring, blowing away the signage. On top of that the worry that the rain would deter the guest and investors from coming to Demo Day.

1530: The doors were opened to Demo Day. Despite the rain, turnout to the event was good. The investors and guest were eager to enter to meet the SPH Plug and Play Batch 2 startups during the networking session before the pitching of the event later that day. A total of 190 guest and investors showed up to Demo Day.